Colombia Flag Bikini

Colombia Flag Bikini – Viva Colombia

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Colombia flag bikini

  • Premium fabric made into a Colombia flag bikini
  • Made in Canada
  • Fully lined

Product Description

Colombia flag bikini

Viva Colombia! It’s a country full of culture, beauty, love, passion, beautiful beaches, and not to mention, your new Miss Universe! Dea Swimwear loves Colombia so much that it has adopted to design a Colombia flag bikini!

The Colombia flag bikini  features three horizontal bands. Yellow (larger-width), blue and red. The yellow of the Colombia flag bikini symbolizes sovereignty and justice. Blue on the flag symbolizes  loyalty and vigilance. The red represents the valor shown and the victory achieved during the battles for independence from Spain.

This bikini pops! If you’re going to the beach, this is a great choice in your wardrobe.  The yellow contrasts off of the blue and red and add to the pop factor.  It’s vibrant, which will make sure the bikini does not wash away on your skin tone. So, you’ll absolutely turn heads at the beach. You’ll feel very comfortable as it’s fully lined as well.  Want to make the bikini extra sexy? Just make it a scrunch bottom and all your curves will be highlighted.  The bikini ties at the hips and is adorned by jewels.

It’s a special year for Colombia.  Dea Swimwear would like to congratulate Miss Colombia on becoming Miss Universe! Paulina Vega, a 22 year old business student from Barranquilla, Colombia was named the 63rd Miss Universe, competing against 87 other contestants representing their nations. She was full of inner beauty, which we’re all about.

Dea Swimwear is full of Colombian pride! So much so that Dea has its very own Colombia flag bikini in its collection. You’ll be able to represent the country that you love so much. If you’re visiting Colombia, there’s no better way to fit in than being styled in the vibrant colours representing the Colombia flag bikini! Now go enjoy the beaches in Colombia!



  • Premium fabric
  • Made in Canada
  • Fully lined

2 reviews for Colombia Flag Bikini – Viva Colombia

  1. luis suarez
    5 out of 5


    thx u so much for this bikini. i am native from colombia. I got the triangle top option. this bikini looks amazin on me!

  2. sophia r
    4 out of 5


    I was a little nervous about sizing. So asked customer service for help. They were great. Fits perfectly! I’m going to Colombia this summer! so excited.

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