baewatch bikini

BAEWATCH BIKINI. It’s all about that glam glam glam.


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  • stunning vibrant red
  • available in other colours
  • lined
  • made in Canada
  • 120 Austrian-cut crystals that swoop down gently across your body in a 3 row swoop chain


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Product Description

BAEWATCH BIKINI. It’s all about that glam glam glam.

Hey Bae!!  Let’s get ready, put on your BAEWATCH bikini and let’s head to the beach.  Only catch is, you won’t be really watching out for other baes.  They’ll all be watching you!

Our stunning red BAEWATCH bikini does one thing, capture attention!  It is accessorized with just enough bling that makes you pop and look glamorous! The bikini absolutely flows with elegance with two 3 row swoop crystal chains that gently swoop across our torso and ties at the back.  There’s a total of 120 Austrian-cut crystals in our BAEWATCH bikini! So get ready to absolutely shine!

We suggest rocking this bikini at a Las Vegas pool party with all of it’s bling!  What other better place is there to go BAEWATCHING than at a pool party full of baes?

Not a fan of the red?  Then not to worry. We have this bikini available in multiple colours!

Have fun at the beach rocking our bikini BAE!


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