Are you beach body ready?

Are you beach body ready? Yes, you are always ready!

Are you beach body ready?

Campaign by Protein World.

Recently a protein supplement company ran a campaign featuring a very slender model asking the general population “are you beach body ready?”. Since we are a swimwear company and the beach is in our realm of domain, we have a strong opinion regarding the matter.

We strongly believe that being beach body ready means you’re confident in your own skin. This means that you’re secure in your identity, that you can walk down the beach with your head held high and with a natural smile on your face.

Humans are all created different. We’re all born with different shapes and sizes. Some of us might be a pear shape, inverted triangle, apple, hour glass shape or more rectangular shape. No matter what shape or size we are genetically born with, EVERYONE is beach body ready. The beach is a place of happiness and tranquility. It’s a place that is meant for memories to be created and for stresses to be dwindled.

The beach by no means necessary is meant to create insecurity in your “self”. No images or campaigns should change your self perception.

In saying this, we also believe that it’s very important to be and stay active. Not because you need to fulfill a certain body type. Being active is important to our ideology because it increases all facets of mental, emotional and physical health. It fights all cancers, lowers heart disease, lowers depression and keeps your endorphins running high.

When you see any marketing campaign that has you questioning your body image, think twice if this is the company that you want to give your hard earned money to.

Being beach body ready to us means you’re wearing the proper sunscreen, you’re all packed with your favourite bikini and have your best friends and family to go with!

Make sure to enjoy the beach this summer!

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