Dea Swimwear. We’re more than just bikinis. 

Dea Swimwear captures Italian glamour with a twist of North American flare. We also throw in a dash of Brazilian sultriness. “Dea” is Latin for Goddess. It is this inspiration where we strive to design in a fashion forward, trendsetting perspective that really makes waves at the beach. Dea Swimwear design allows every woman to look and feel like a Goddess. 

Our whole Goddess mantra is our core belief and we take it seriously. We believe in the power of women. We believe that no matter what size, ethnicity, or appearance, every woman is a true Goddess. It is our goal to make women feel more empowered and secure in themselves so that they know they are a true Goddess.  The Goddess lies within, it is our actions that speak louder than words. So make sure they make a positive impact! Being a a true Goddess means having a big heart, being genuine and carrying yourself with confidence in a world full of insecurities and social pressures.  Be strong, be yourself, and be a Goddess!

Goddess, the world is yours to conquer and travel! Going to an exotic beach? Going to a Las Vegas pool party? Do you plan on strolling down Ocean Drive in Miami? Or do you plan to just chill at the cottage over the weekend? Dea Swimwear offers the perfect bikini styles for any destination! From high waist bikinis to extra seductive string bikinis, we have all your needs covered. All of our designs are absolutely comfortable and stylish. So you’ll be able to walk confidently while showing off your bikini! We offer the easiest experience when you shop swimwear!

Quality is what we’re known for. That is why Dea Swimwear is proudly made in Canada!

Remember stay strong Goddesses and shine that beautiful smile of yours!


Dea Swimwear