Reversible Bikini Set Rev

Reversible Bikini Set Rev Orange


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Reversible Bikini Set Rev Orange

  • Get double the style in one bikini, fully reversible bikini set
  • Extra sexy strap design revealing your cleavage
  • Unique jewelled pattern print

Product Description

Reversible Bikini Set Rev Orange

Shopping for a bikini can be daunting. There are endless amount of styles out there than can make your head numb. We’re here to help with our Reversible Bikini Set Rev!

When shopping for a bikini, there are 3 important factors that you should check off before you head to the check out. They are: 1) functionality, 2) style and 3) comfort. The new Reversible bikini REV by Dea swimwear REVamps and REVolutionizes swim fashion. REV is fully REVersible and REVels in each of all of these categories.
So what is functionality you might ask? Functionality is quite simple when it comes to swimwear. It is how well the swimsuit provides functional form to your body. Does it lift where it is suppose to lift? Does it hug in the proper spots. Does it provide proper protection exactly where you need it most. When it comes to the REV bikini, the answer is yes to all of the above. The ultra unique top is smoothly contoured and centered with spaghetti straps which help lift and enhance your cleavage. The halter and back straps allow you to tie the bikini for that perfect fit. The bottom provides adequate coverage that balances the line of grace and lust.

Style is where the REV bikini absolutely REVels. With style, the most successful pieces in your wardrobe provide one thing especially, and that is versatility. There is no other bikini in swim fashion which offers more versalitiliy than REV because it’s fully REVersible. It offers 4 options to style yourself: 1) both neon top/bottom, 2) both neon jewelled top/bottom, 3) mix & match neon c top/jewelled bottom, and 4) mix & match jewelled top/neon bottom. With all these options in one bikini, you get to be very creative. It’s perfect for a vacation, as you’ll never look boring with the same look! The actual design in itself is very unique. The white trimming throughout the bikini pops off of the neon tones, as well as will pop off your skin tone. Both sides are vibrant and colourful. The added spaghetti design at the hips and centre bust adds that fashionable splash of sexiness and originality.

Now off to one category often over looked, comfortability. When in a bikini it’s optimally important to feel secure and confident. The REV bikini will put any fears away. The top provides lift and support where needed. As well, it is constructed with two layers of fabric, so it has the thickness to help protect you when in the water. The bottom sits perfectly over the buttocks, so you won’t have that feeling of the bottom slipping away from you in the water. It’s all about being naturally comfortable and confident in yourself, this bikini helps you be just that.
Dea Swimwear is excited to finally REVeal the REVERSIBLE bikini set REV. We hope you’re REVved to go to the beach now!

Get double the style in one bikini, fully reversible bikini
Extra sexy strap design revealing your cleavage
Unique jewelled pattern print


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