rainbow bikini

Rainbow bikini! Smile! It’s time to shine a rainbow!


Clear selection
  • removable straps allow for the perfect tan while provided the extra support when needed
  • rainbow mesh overlaced on premium yellow spandex
  • built in hard swimwear cups allow for extra support
  • lined
  • basic bikini bottom option is available if desired
  • made in Canada
  • model is a DD cup wearing a large top and small bottom

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Product Description

Rainbow Bikini!

What’s the next best thing that nature can offer us instead of the beach? Rainbows!  Don’t they make you smile?  They surely make us smile. So why not bring the rainbow to the beach! Our rainbow bikini is cute and very playful.

Our rainbow bikini feautres sewn in hard baconette swimwear cups that provide extra support hile also providing cleavage enhancing lift! It comes with removable halter straps for when you want tht seamless tan. The rainbow mesh is layered ontop of the yellow to provide a stunning look!

Not a fan of the string bottom, don’t worry! We can make our rainbow flag bikini with a basic bikini bottom!


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