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Pink Ruffle Bikini – Flamingo


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Pink Ruffle Bikini – Flamingo

Do you feel like all bikinis are boring and nothing at the beach is unique.  Well, Dea Swimwear’s pink ruffle bikini called Flamingo is simply one word, pretty!

Yes, pretty. It’s ever so flowing unique design is beautifully original. The pleaded ruffles flow and criss cross your body which adds a sense of softness and sensualness.  The soft bubblegum pink adds a flirty touch to the contrasting white canvas.

The bikini is tied around the neck, back, and hips.

Flamingos have a sense of exotic beauty to them.  They stand tall, walk confidently and are a beautiful shade of pink. They have a sensual curve around their elongated neck.  This beauty and sensualness is replicated in our pink ruffle bikini as the ruffles hug and criss cross your body.

This bikini comes with a scrunch bottom option if you so desire.

Fully lined and made in Canada.


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