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Lace Bikini – Mayame Ocean


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  • Bring seduction to the beach, Lingerie + Swimwear = Swimerie. A touch of lace is elegantly sexy!
  • Beautiful teal lace highlights the bikini and adds a sense of high fashion
  • Lace band securely shows off your hips.
  • Fully lined

Product Description

Lace Bikini – Mayame Ocean

Bring seduction to the beach in our lace bikini. The combination of Lingerie + Swimwear = Swimerie.

Swimerie offers the best of both worlds. We bring the sexy lace from the bedroom on to the beach. Who says lace can’t be on the beach? We make it work, and it will absolutely turn heads. We think a touch of lace is elegantly sexy!

Our Mayame Ocean lace bikini has an elegant teal lace which pops off from the white and will ass contrast to your skin tone. This adds to the pop factor and will garner attention at the beach. Our Mayame design was designed with the Miami beach life in mind. You’ll feel right at come strolling down Ocean Drive in our lace bikini.  But get ready for people asking you where you got your bikini from!

The lace band securely shows off your hips and is ultra comfortable and not to mention sexy. To increase the hotness factor, we suggest making this bikini into a scrunch bottom.

As all of our bikinis, the Ocean bikini is fully lined. It is also made in Canada because we want to offer the highest of quality in all of our bikinis.


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